Stainless Steel Colander 28*28*15CM

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Chinese colander is one kitchen utensil you don't want to go without! It is ideal for draining all types of pasta, washing fruits and vegetables, and even straining soups and stews.

Unlike a regular colander, this Chinese style colander does not have any protruding feet or handles that can trap food or get stuck in the sink.

Its smaller size makes it a good option for quick draining during a busy dinner rush.

The stainless-steel material of this colander will help prevent tarnishing and rusting, and you can be sure that it will stand up to heavy use.

Product Specifications:
-Dimensions (D x H): 28cm x 15cm
-Stainless steel construction
-2 mm holes ensure fast draining without losing any food
-Tapered sides and beaded edges for more secure grip
-Sturdy and lightweight
-No protruding feet or handles

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