Ceramic Knife Sharpener - 3 Stage Capability

SKU: ZLF-2020-095 ISBN: 6920262928208
Unique 3 slots sharpening system keeps all your steel & ceramic knives razor sharp with a few pulls.
System consists of 3 slots where the first slot features a diamond rod to work ceramic blades. The second one brings extra-dull knives back to life using a tungsten carbide rod. The third slot is designed to give sharp blades a razor-sharp edge using a ceramic sharpening stone.
Suitable for both right & left handed people.

Just place the knife sharpener on a flat surface, hold the sharpener handle with one hand & hold the knife with the other.
To achieve sharp edge, simply draw the knife through each slot a few times (only in one direction toward chef).

Sharpening Parts:
Ceramic Slot: Diamond coated rods for ceramic knives:
Coarse Slot: Tungsten carbide rods for blunt knives
Fine Slot: Ceramic rods for honing knives
Coating: PP & TPR
R 69.98

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